LEEMIAN offer comprehensive services to companies who are looking to enter the Chinese market. Our services include pre-entry feasibility analysis, market analysis, company set-up, sales channel construction and full insertion into your industry with set-up of cooperation with companies and government agencies.

For companies wanting to set up their own entity in China, LEEMIAN can provide access to a number of government-run incubators and company platforms that offer preferential policies for foreign companies and start-ups.

For companies seeking Chinese investment, LEEMIAN can provide access to Chinese investor groups looking for foreign companies to invest in.

LEEMIAN is the lead foreign company behind the foreign cultural centers being built across China. Financing of the centers are secured through Chinese investment conglomerates, while local governments in China provide support for land purchase and permits. It is a pivotal requirement that these centers have foreign content, which LEEMIAN is in charge of securing.

Why choose LEEMIAN?

LEEMIAN is not an easy solution to your China strategy. There are no easy solutions in China. We don’t provide advice that sounds great, but won’t have any effect. We don’t think that a Chinese landing page or a WeChat account will make your sales for you. We won’t tell you that it’ll be easy, because it won’t.

What we will do is support you all the way on your path to success. We will help you create a meaningful strategy, and we will help you implement it. We will assist you in making the hard choices that lead to success in China. And we will celebrate with you when you achieve your goals.

Success in China doesn’t come overnight. It requires a diverse strategy that includes close cooperation with partners in your field, strategic alliances with local governments and access to promotion channels in a diverse range of outlets and media. And that is what we can do for you.

Getting Started

Is LEEMIAN the right choice of partner in China for you? Start by contacting us for a free dialogue about how we might help you. We will assess your project and make a short, preliminary report on what we can do for you. The report will include a feasibility evaluation that will help you determine if we are the right partner for you.

Contact us for a free consultation on how we can help you.