Do you want to be connected to specific people or organizations in China? 

The Danish Lifestyle Centres will be a place to showcase Denmark, Danish products and not least the Danish way of life. Our aim is to bring the very best of Denmark to China, to promote as a holiday destination, and to build partnerships between cities and institutions.

For Danish government and tourism organisations, we can help set up closer cooperation ties with our local partner cities.

Our Connection Program

Government cooperation:
Chinese local governments in cities at all levels are actively looking for closer ties with foreign governments. The opportunities in closer relations are many, from helping Danish businesses to enter the Chinese market, over working with Chinese cities to facilitate their green transition to establishing a presence in China in order to attract Chinese companies and investment to your city or area.

Denmark is famous in China for our approach to healthy living, environmental protection, health and elderly care, education and slow living, ideas and concepts that are highly attractive to governments and consumers in China right now. Please contact us if you want to hear more about how LEEMIAN can highlight your city in an official cooperation with local governments through our Danish Lifestyle Centres.



One of LEEMIANs specialties is tourism marketing. We have a long history inside the tourism industry in China, and our team consists of several high-profile professionals from the private sector as well as the public sector. Our advice on tourism projects doesn’t come from reports and general predictions, but from actual experience and knowledge from within the industry.
LEEMIAN has a well-established and far-reaching strategic cooperation relationship with many regional Tourism Administration bodies of the government.

In the private sector we have working relations with travel agents all over China. We support them in developing new products and they support us with sales teams and local promotion campaigns.
LEEMIAN will promote Danish culture and destinations around Denmark both in a dedicated tourism area and through events and activities around the Danish Lifestyle Centre.


To help connect foreign service providers and Chinese agents, LEEMIAN has developed and operates the service YOOLAN. YOOLAN is a B2B Tour Management System where Chinese travel agents can find reliable information about foreign tourist destinations.

The system is free to use for any foreign service provider.

How to get started

All over China, in every city and province, there are literally thousands of projects of a cultural or promotional nature that might benefit your own project. Often these projects are actively seeking some form of cooperation with foreign entities, and will offer very favorable terms of cooperation to any interested foreign organisation that fit with their project profile.

There are many areas in which a strategic cooperation with government bodies at district, city or provincial level can become fruitful. Venue access, joint promotion activities or shared interest campaigns are standard means of cooperation, and can often be hugely beneficial for participating foreign organisations.

Do you want to be connected to specific people or organisations in China?  

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