Company Introduction

Introduction to LEEMIAN

LEEMIAN is the lead company behind developing new Danish Lifestyle Centres across China inspired by Danish business, culture and design. Here Danish business and culture are displayed both in physical stores and products, events and activities and startup workspace services.

LEEMIAN is responsible for developing the Danish Lifestyle Centres and connect partners from both countries in mutually beneficial partnerships. The centres also serve as an incubator environment for new partnerships and business development.

Financing of the centres is secured through Chinese investment conglomerates, while local governments in China provide support for land purchase and permits.

LEEMIAN holds the responsibility and the mandate of facilitating and securing the foreign content of commerce, culture and connections. This is a pivotal requirement for the centres and their reason for being.


To be the best bridge-builder between Chinese and Danish business and culture, built on solid partnerships.


Developing Lifestyle Centres, that link Danish business and culture with Chinese governments, partners and local communities.


LEEMIAN is a trusted partner for many parties and collaborators. This requires skills, and also solid ways of working. To align all employees these company values follow us all in our ways of representing LEEMIAN meeting our different stakeholders.


We will make the Danish Life Centres attractive to partners through some prioritised activities:

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