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Our Team in China

With an education in sinology Casper came to China in 1999. Having worked with culture and tourism, Casper co-founded LEEMIAN in 2008. Casper is leading negotiations with local governments and investor groups in provinces interested in the Danish Lifestyle Centres.
Casper Tollerud
CEO & Co-founder
Noenne has a commercial and technical background with experience in Design and Web development. Having moved to China in 2006, she co-founded LEEMIAN in 2008. Noenne is responsible for the development of concepts, design, and content in our Danish Lifestyle Centres.
Noenne A. Neergaard
Head of Experience Design
& Co-founder
Violet got her education at the prestigious Xi’an Foreign Language University. Since 2010 she has been part of the LEEMIAN family, where she is in charge of contract negotiations, IP rights protection and project development. Violet also supports Casper in negotiations.
Violet Wei
General Manager & Partner
Thomas has years of experience as cultural leader, music director, and project manager. He holds a Diploma in cultural leadership and is a trained opera singer and conductor. Thomas is developing and planning cultural content and activities for the Danish Lifestyle Centres.
Thomas Larsen Späth
Head of Culture
Zafar has a university degree in Computer Science and have 15 years experience as a Software Developer. Before joining LEEMIAN in 2019 he worked as a Senior Software Developer for International companies in Uzbekistan, Dubai and China. Zafar has developed all the systems for LEEMIAN including YOOLAN, LEEMIAN Business and the application for the Danish Lifestyle Centres.
Zafar Buribaev
Senior System Developer
Jessie Tang
Office Manager
Spring Yin
Market Research
Amy Qin

Regional Managers - China

Having worked with project development and construction in Shenzhen for 24 years, Luo Zhuyun returned to his hometown of Changsha in 2015, where he worked in the film industry for a few years. In 2019 he became part of LEEMIAN. He is now Regional Manager of our project in Guiyang, capital of Guizhou Province.
Luo Zhuyun
Regional Manager
(Guiyang, Guizhou Province.)
A construction engineer by profession, Zhu Minghua worked in Changsha and Haikou as a government construction project manager from his graduation until 2019, when he joined LEEMIAN. He is now regional manager of our project in Haikou, capital of Hainan Province.
Zhu Minghua
Regional Manager
(Haikou, Hainan Province)
With a background in administration in the Hunan Provincial Government, Zhang Xiangjun left his government job in 1993 and worked for several different real estate developers until 2019, when he joined LEEMIAN. He now assists Luo Zhuyun and Zhu Minghua in our projects in Guiyang and Haikou.
Zhang Xiangjun
(Guiyang, Haikou)

Our Team in Denmark

Karina is experienced CEO from the Technical University of Denmark at the center for life long learning and as CEO of the Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship for 9 years. Karina also has experience from advisory boards and has been part of the Danish Innovation Fund's expert panel since 2017. Karina has founded several companies and organisations, developed apps and authored books.
Karina Rothoff Brix
Business Development Executive
(Business & Education)
After a career in the Danish Army, Karsten became a teacher of science, which lead to a political position within the Education sector. Before joining DTU Karsten was head of a vocational school focusing on educations for the Food, Pharma and Process industry. The last 4 years Karsten have been Executive Program Director for DTU Executive School of Business and now COO of DTU Learn for Life.
Karsten Uldal
Key Account Manager
(Business & Education)
Maria Vinther Fenger is placed in Aalborg, Denmark. She is responsible for contact with cultural institutions that can contribute with Danish cultural elements to the centres. Maria is also responsible for contact to companies that would like to join the centres.
Maria Vinther Fenger
Business Development Executive
& Partner
(Government, Tourism
& Renewable Energy)
Per is placed in Aalborg, Denmark. He joined LEEMIAN as a partner in 2020. Per has great network in the sustainable energy sector as a CEO of the company Liftra. Per is responsible for contact to sustainable companies that would like to join or contribute to the centres.
Per Fenger
(Renewable Energy)
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