Then Danish lifestyle centers exhibit a large variety of Danish culture. 

The partnership between LEEMIAN and local governments and investors is aiming at making the Danish Lifestyle Centres attractive to the local citizens through a wide program of cultural activities, both permanent in our themed buildings and in our cultural events calendar. The activities will happen on a regular basis and include both children and adults at all life stages.

Our Cultural Program

The Danish Lifestyle Centres are meant to become local meeting places. Here the surrounding neighbourhood meets on a regular basis around a wide range of cultural activities. Bigger events will occasionally attract people from a larger area.

The Lifestyle centres are designed to hold venues for all kinds of cultural activities from talks, theatre plays, concerts, arts & craft workshops, and much more. A thorough experience design also makes space for more permanent exhibitions and educational activities. The Danish H.C. Andersen Museum is a close collaborator and will be a central part of the centres.

LEEMIAN invites all Danish entities within the cultural field to reach out to us if you have concepts, products or ideas that could become a part of our centres. Activities that relate to education, health and the environment, and that is showcasing Danish culture, traditions and ways of living will be of particular interest.

As these activities are pivotal for the local provincial governments LEEMIAN has the possibility to assist with funding and support you and your organisation to realise your activities here in China.

How to get started

Whatever kind of cultural concept or product you work with LEEMIAN can help you bring it to China.
The Danish Lifestyle Centres are closely connected both with governments and provinces, and also directly engaged with the local community.

LEEMIAN can support with:
– Project development
– Planning
– Permissions
– Promotions (online / offline)
– Funding
– Travel and local accommodation

If you are interested in finding out how you can become a part of LEEMIAN’s cultural program please contact:

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